Re: [Fwd: Post-It Notes....uhm, no.]

> Erdi wrote,
> >  Michael: "Let's have a GEP about the proposed names"
> > or
> >  Bill: "That's all nice and all, but are sticky notes accessible enough
> for the illiterate?"
> > or
> > Jim: "We should cooperate with the KDE post-it-notes guys to drain this
> swamp"
> Muahaha.. Couldn't have said it better myself.
> No wonder this list is so damn terrified of doing new things..The enema such
> a process would require would drown half the subscribers in a tidal wave of
> their own shit.

I think notes should have colored frames depending on what the notes 
correspond to.  Ie, if the note is about something you're thinking about 
doing it should be lightly pulsating blue.  If the note needs your 
attention because it's got spelling mistakes the border should alternate 
between flashing red and green, but more red than green.  So for minor 
spelling mistakes it would do something like RRRGGRRRGGRRRGGRRRGG.
But if you have like really braindead spelling it should be more like 
If the note is empty it would be YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY just like the yellow 
post-it notes.

In case you didn't get that, each letter in that sequence stands for a 
slice of time in which that color is shown.  R is for Red and G is for 

People might wonder why I use 20 letters, but I've given this a lot of 
thought and 20 is just about right to show a lot of useful sequences.
think about PYBPYBPYBRGRGRGRGBBB for example (when you're thinking about a 
lot of bad spelling but the note you made sometimes disappears because of 
a programming mistake).

What's really cool about these sticky notes is that you can dock them to 
the panel where they become lamps which would then beautifully pulsate as 
the content of the notes changes behind your back.

Anyone want to give the idea a go ?

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