Re: [Fwd: Post-It Notes....uhm, no.]

Thats a wonderfully clever idea! You're using otherwise unused CPU time to
convey information to the user in a way that neither distracts nor takes any
additional screen real-estate to pull off.  You should be commended for
suggesting a way in which things could be improved.

However, I've got 5 bucks to a donut that says no one wants to hear about
it, since nobody wanted to hear about it back when I originally suggested it
in '99.  :)

Nobody except Linux Journal and ACM, that is.  *grin*


> I think notes should have colored frames depending on what the notes
> correspond to.  Ie, if the note is about something you're thinking about
> doing it should be lightly pulsating blue.  If the note needs your
> attention because it's got spelling mistakes the border should alternate
> between flashing red and green, but more red than green.  So for minor
> spelling mistakes it would do something like RRRGGRRRGGRRRGGRRRGG.
> But if you have like really braindead spelling it should be more like
> If the note is empty it would be YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY just like the yellow
> post-it notes.
> In case you didn't get that, each letter in that sequence stands for a
> slice of time in which that color is shown.  R is for Red and G is for
> Green.
> People might wonder why I use 20 letters, but I've given this a lot of
> thought and 20 is just about right to show a lot of useful sequences.
> think about PYBPYBPYBRGRGRGRGBBB for example (when you're thinking about a
> lot of bad spelling but the note you made sometimes disappears because of
> a programming mistake).
> What's really cool about these sticky notes is that you can dock them to
> the panel where they become lamps which would then beautifully pulsate as
> the content of the notes changes behind your back.
> Anyone want to give the idea a go ?
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