Re: Re-inventing Metatheme

In the windows world it's called "Desktop Themes" and you get to the 
settings program through an applet in the control panel.

Personally, I like the term "Themes" the best since it's an entry point 
to all the metathemes available/installed.


On Tue, 27 Aug 2002 snickell stanford edu wrote:

> > I have every expectation that users would look for this
> > functionality
> > in the control panel labeled Theme, not in something weird called
> > Metathemer.
> Yes, "Metatheme" as a name should die. "Theme" or "Theme Set" would both
> be better, though I'm curious how many current windows users recognize
> the word "theme". If many people don't, we might be better off calling
> it "Appearance". Another possible word is "Style". Of course, this would
> be contingent on many people not having an understanding of the word
> "theme" (remember that most windows applications that have a similar
> feature use the word "skin", not that I think we should copy this, its a
> sort of weird word).
> -Seth
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