Re: who gets in and why, aka the GNOME Desktop inclusion criteria

On 27 Aug 2002, Glynn Foster wrote:

> Hey guys,
> > > > While I feel you have a good set of standards for the GNOME desktop to
> > > > live up to I believe you have left out one of the most important
> > > > requirements.  I think all GNOME desktop applications need to have good
> > > > documentation.  
> Absolutely, couldn't agree more....this definitely should have been in
> the list ;)
> > > [Which, really, is sort of my biggest worry. For those of you who
> > > /don't/ develop apps that are part of GNOME, but who might want to be-
> > > what do you think of these? Are they too intimidating? Too binding? What
> > > do you think? Would you be willing to do these things in order to become
> > > part of the desktop?]
> I would kiss the person who would come up with an online doc for all
> this stuff. I looked at gnome-docu/gdp/gdp-example2 a little and the doc
> stuff still has an element of 'voodoo' in it.
> I like Eric's point though...we *really* need to start writing
> whitepapers on this stuff and getting it on the
> web...somewhere...anywhere...

Only OMF is slightly voodoo-ish (and thats deceiving first looks). I'll
help you with the build stuff when you have written it 8-)

> 			See ya,
> 				Glynn ;)


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