ggv 1.99.90

"The PostScript Viewer that Never Sleeps"

new since 1.99.9:

- dump deprecated bonobo-file-selector in favour of our custom one.
- some small string changes
- fix for #90639 (stale pointer grab) (Satyajit Kanungo)
- fixed (Ross Burton)
- optimizations for local file case (no tmp file)
- fix for the infamous "erratic scrolling bug"
- disable printing & saving of PDFs as this confused many users (PS
  printers cant print PDFs, the saved doc still required the original
- unescape URIs before showing them to the user
- using keyboard in the check list makes ggv behave the same way as it
  does when using it in the display
- stepper buttons in scrollbars work
- "Jump to beginning of page" option works with any kind of navigation,
  not only when using keyboard

updated translations: ru (Dmitry), vi (Pablo), pl (GNOME PL Team),
de (Manuel, Christian), sv (Christian), fi (Pauli), da (Ole),
pt (Duarte), hu (Andras), sk (Stanislav), ko (Young-Ho),
nl (Reinout), no (Kjartan) and ms (Hasbullah).

translations and docs are in need of updating: any help is much

I hope this one will be the last before 2.0.0. don't disappoint me with
new bugs ;)

available at



email: jaka gnu org

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