GNOME Utilities 2.0.3 " Start hacking or the goat gets it "

GNOME Utilities -
Version: 2.0.3 " Start hacking or the goat gets it "

[as part of the weekly snapshot for GNOME 2.0.2]

What's changed?

GNOME Calculator -

        Mark string in about box for translation (Glynn)

GNOME Character Map -

        Update authors email address (Glynn)

gdialog -

        Add scrollbars to menu items (Archit)
        Use GtkTextView for text items (Archit)
        Exit with proper error codes (Archit)

Documentation -

        Man page updates (Glynn)

Translations -

        Christophe, Evandro, Vincent, Duarte, Christian M, Christian R,
        Yanko, Christian N, Christian other M, Andras, Ole, Kjartan,
        Dmitry and Zbigniew.

Build -

        Remove more cruft (Glynn)
        Make sure we distcheck nicely (Glynn)

Miscellaneous -

        README, HACKING, NEWS (Glynn)

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