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On Thu, 2002-08-15 at 11:07, fherrera onirica com wrote:
> 	Hi! Bug-buddy is a beautiful tool, and it makes easier to report 
> a bug to gnome, but it can be better, some toughts sbout it:
> 	1 - bug-buddy includes two different uses:
> 		a) Bug-from-scratch reporting tool
> 		b) Crash interceptor and consecuent bug reporting

note that even in a), the user may still wish to report a "crash". 
bug-buddy will happily attach to a running (looping?  crashed but no
dialog?  hung due to thread deadlock?) app or a core file.

> 	Some times these two uses disturb themself, for example:
> 		If a user run bug-buddy for report a bug about some wrong
> results in gnome-calculator, he will see a "Show debug information" button.
> This is horrible from a usability point of view.

how can bug-buddy differentiate from a user wanting to submit a normal
report, and a crash?

> 	2 - bugs are very different. Bug buddy should not show the same
> 	  "questions" for all bugs. For example:
> 		a) a user wants to report an wrong string
> 		b) a user wants to report a crash
> 		c) a user wants to report a wish
> 		Just now bug-buddy always show the same template and this
> is very annoying for users (How often does this happen? for a wrong string
> is an stupid question)

i just copied what was in bugzilla; it's trivial to remove.

> 	Jacob, when reading all-applications:///, appname (from
> gnome-program stuff) == Exec ( from .desktop) resolve
> should work for all applications, shouldn't it? If this is possible we can
> skip the application selection (and someone suggested we can just ask for
> confirmation)

it's a little tricker than that:

        1.  some applications are multiple components, which have
        different binary names
        2.  b-b also queries bonobo-activation for applets, and the info
        it gets back doesn't indicate (directly) the binary name

a simple solution to both of these is to add another field:


to the .desktop file.

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