Re: .desktop -> bugzilla

	Hi! Bug-buddy is a beautiful tool, and it makes easier to report 
a bug to gnome, but it can be better, some toughts sbout it:

	1 - bug-buddy includes two different uses:
		a) Bug-from-scratch reporting tool
		b) Crash interceptor and consecuent bug reporting

	Some times these two uses disturb themself, for example:
		If a user run bug-buddy for report a bug about some wrong
results in gnome-calculator, he will see a "Show debug information" button.
This is horrible from a usability point of view.

	2 - bugs are very different. Bug buddy should not show the same
	  "questions" for all bugs. For example:
		a) a user wants to report an wrong string
		b) a user wants to report a crash
		c) a user wants to report a wish

		Just now bug-buddy always show the same template and this
is very annoying for users (How often does this happen? for a wrong string
is an stupid question)

	3 - Users are very lazy to report a bug.

Proposals to make all better

	To solve [1], bug-buddy should show/hide differents buttons/screens
depending on 1.a or 1.b

	For [2], it we are in 1.a (bug from scratch) situation we should show
to the user a selection about the kind of bug, and use a different template
for each situation (this is against point 3 [lazy users], but one step more
can help us to get very better bug reports from non-hacker users, and gnome
is going to get lots of these)

	And the most important [3]:

	If we are in 1.b [crash], bug-buddy should know the
application/product/component imediately ans transparently to the user.
Gnome users may not know what metacity is and what a window manager
is, and they can get a crash form gnome-session or panel and don't know
where it came from.
	Jacob, when reading all-applications:///, appname (from
gnome-program stuff) == Exec ( from .desktop) resolve
should work for all applications, shouldn't it? If this is possible we can
skip the application selection (and someone suggested we can just ask for

	For the 1.a [bug from scratch], think as a user who found a wrong
result when using the calculator, just now he does...

	- Open Calculator
	- Found the wrong result, this is a bug!
	- Go to foot menu
	- Look for bug reporting tool and open it
	- Select the application he was using from the applications menu
	- Fill the bug

	It is very too much, and a lazy user won't never open a new
applicaction. This should be:

	- Open Calculator
	- Found the wrong result, this is a bug!
	- Press repost a bug from the help menu
	- Fill the bug

	This is the kde way, I did a patch for gnome2 to
include this "Report a bug/suggestion" item in our help menus. Now we have
a proper way to identify applications with bugzilla product and component
we can include it (of course, asking again the user what application he
wants to report a bug about is stupid)
	Also I love a screenshot I saw on a Windows beta. It included a
button in every window to report a bug about that window/application. We
can distribute our alpha/beta versions (or gargnome) with an
horrible-hacked-patched metacity to include this feature saying the users:
"Pleeeease, report bugs!!!". 

	Another beautiful improvement will be the ability of bug-buddy of
including screenshots, but this is a long bugzilla story, and should be
discussed in another time/place.

Fernando Herrera

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