Where must I post this sugestions ???

I suscribed to this list two or three days ago and I want to make some sugestions to be implemented in the new Gnome 2 version. Primary there are usability improvements related to nautilus, and one to the core of gnome. I am a windows (ughhh) programer and have no experience programing on linux. I think I am not able to do it myself but I think this fetures should de done.
All of them are easy to implement I think.
Here is the list:
API Imporvements:
1) To add an API funtion to display a cursor with a clock (like the one in mozilla when a page is loding) so the user can know that the app is doing something and user input is not allowed.
Desktop and Nautilus Improvements
2) To display the progress cursor (sugestion 1) when an Icon is double clicked and an app is starting (like KDE 3 does), so someone can get feedback of the double click and do not click again the same icon to start a second time the app. It will be very very very useful 3) In the desktop add menu items to arrange icons like align icons to grid, by type, auto arrange, etc (not only arrange by name). 4) Add in the context menu of the desktop the items for file managment that are available in normal nautilus windows (create new folder, etc). 5) Add items to nautilus context menus for creating new files (HTML, Script, Text File, etc, the file formats should be configurable) 6) When I want to delete a file (SHFT+DEL) on nautilus, the focus remains on the main nautilus window, I must click the dialog asking to confirm the operation to gain focus and then confirm (very anoying to a user that use the keyboard primary)
Taskbar and Windows:
7) A window Should not hide behind a taskbar. Perhaps it should be configurable per taskbar. I got the problem for example that I moved xmms in shaded mode behind the taskbar and coud not get it back again !!! The only solution I found was to delete my xmms config !!!

Ok, thats all by now.
I do not know if this is the mailing list where I should post, if it is not, pless tell me where to post.
Bye Bye
P.S. My english is realy bad, my native language is spanish ;) (I live in Uruguay)

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