Minutes for Gnome 2 release team meeting 2002-08-10

These were taken by Jeff. I'm just posting them for him.

Minutes for Gnome 2 release team meeting 2002-08-10

Present:               Apologies:

Frederic Crozat        Luis Villa
Glynn Foster           Telsa Gwynne
Karl Gaffney
Jody Goldberg
Mikael Hallendal
Jeff Waugh


  DONE: Luis to post proposed 2.1 schedule to desktop-devel-list and

  DONE: Luis to respond to foundation-list thing about "org chart"

  DONE: someone (?) to sort out possible phone times.
    => Glynn to sort out booking

  PENDING: Telsa to start pulling together lists of what we are missing and
    poking people to provide the info.

  NEW: Glynn to book phone times for Wednesday, 14:00 GMT

  NEW: Luis to triage bugs / maintain keywords for 2.0.2

  NEW: Jeff to find GNOME hackers that have terminal test suites (for
    testing of vte and libzvt-i18n)

  NEW: Glynn to spank George for GDM changes :)

  NEW: Frederic to write GEP for release-consistent version numbering
    changes, due week after next (he's on vacation)


* GNOME 2.0.1/2 status report

  - 2.0.1 RC tonight, release next week
  - retarget bugs for 2.0.2, Luis hasn't been maintaining keywords for 2.0.1
  - menu editing should be okay for 2.0.2

  - i18n branch of libzvt, regressions there, probably not appropriate for
* Rescheduling the meeting or not? [need exact time]

  - Wednesday, 14:00 GMT

  - Next meeting: Wednesday, 14th August, 14:00 GMT

  - http://timeanddate.com/worldclock/meetingtime.html?day=14&month=8&year=2002&p1=0&p2=240&p3=43&p4=195

  - Sounds like everyone's cool with that
* New release-team list - add old members or not?

  - Keep it to a minimum, can't be an open list

  - Add project leaders?

  - Becomes harder to refuse people as you add more, etc.

  - Final decision: Keep it to core team, review effectiveness in 2/3 months

  - Tim/Leslie -> add or communicate? Discuss on list.
* Feedback to Luis' 2.2 schedule post

  - Bless it as the Official Release Team Schedule Proposal

  - Send out easy-to-read version ;)

  - Push earlier for LWE? Almost certainly not, optimistic already.

  - Possibility of moving to mid-February to make up for Christmas period?
    Discuss on list.

* Post-freeze patch reviews

  - Must keep to at most a day, mostly worked for 2.0

  - Some maintainers were disappointed with this

  - Hard to make a call on patches for modules you've never looked at
    before. Maybe if patch is too complicated to review, it shouldn't go it?
    (Assumes waaay to much.)
  - Clearer tech group within small release team, could involve Michael if
    it gets busy
* Other business

  - Version numbering GEP, keeping module version numbers in line with

  - Note that Frederic will be on vacation next week

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