Re: Archive Generator -- a system tool?

Sorry for the confusion, that was me speaking tongue in cheek with
gratitude to Glynn and the other usability folks for the consistency of
G2 and the HIG in general; without there work and documentation the
majority of my Gnome apps would be wholly inconsistent in anything but
theme and decorations.  The only drawback is the work they do is focused
only on the core apps, with other applications having to adopt the HIG
or not at their whim.


On Sun, 2002-08-11 at 20:02, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Shahms E. King">
> > Now, I find myself wandering confusedly through the Edit menu and
> > scratching my head if I can't find "Preferences" at the bottom.  And if
> > there isn't an Edit menu, whoo-boy, what am I supposed to do then? Look in
> > the other menus? but why would someone put preferences there, doesn't it
> > belong in the Edit menu?
> Specifics should go to bugzilla, where they're useful.
> Thanks,
> - Jeff
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