Gnome2 still unable to use user installed True Type fonts

I'm having problems with Gnome2 see any TrueType fonts I've installed, 

Heres my steps to try to get them working in Gnome2:

1. fonts.scale and fonts.dir
2. chkfontpath --add /usr/share/default/TTF
3. xftcache /usr/share/default/TTF
4. added the full path to my /etc/XftConfig
5. Added the font path to my XF86Config-4 file
6. restarted the xf server
7. reinstalled pango several times

But Gnome2 still refuses to see them at all.

As a test I fired up gnomecc from the standard RH 7.3 Gnome 1.4
installation and went to to themes and checked out what fonts were
available, and lo and behold it could see all my TT fonts, so I
reluctantly fired up kde and that could see them as well.

Is there a way that I can get gnome to re scan the font directory's?

I have exported GDK_USE_XFT="1" as usual for AA and also wiped out my
entire user directory and started again and still the same (this is also
the same for root, dare I say that).
Ive also ldd'd all the files in the /opt/gnome2/bin directory and they
all point towards valid library's, so nothings missing there.

I can remember something whilst installing Gnome2 about scanning the
font directory's, but I cannot remember what package that was in or if
it has anything to do with my problem.

Cheers in advance.

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to steal from many is research.

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