Re: Display option in multiscreen

On Thu, 2002-04-11 at 01:04, bharat tewari wrote:
> cde while saving the command also saves the screen no. where the 
> command was started. 
> for eg. 
> dtsmcmd -screen 0 -cmd "/usr/dt/bin/sdtperfmeter -f -H -t cpu -t disk -
> s 1 -name fpperfmeter" 
> Once this is saved, i guess while starting the application it gets the 
> display, appends the screen number to it and starts the application on 
> that display screen. But the screen parsing etc. finally will need to 
> be done in the gtk code as that is where the display control rests. 

ok, that does make sense.  does the multihead gtk branch have a --screen

is that reasonable havoc and owen?

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