[Deskbar] Suggestion: "Top Hit" Module

To all,

First off, thanks for all the hard work on this great applet.  I am constantly using it on my home computer.  However, at work, I use a Mac with Leopard installed.  I use Spotlight 3-5 times per hour at work and by far the best module in Spotlight is "Top Hit".  With "Top Hit" selected by default and its incredible accuracy as I type, I can breeze through the app like its just part of my workflow.  There are no extra key taps to get where I need to go like Deskbar requires.  Yes, I can rearrange the modules in Deskbar, but Spotlight's "Top Hit" nails all my entries every time.  It's just a matter of typing a partial word or phrase, then hitting the Return key.  Easy and seamless.

What would it take to create this module?  I think adding this functionality would give Spotlight a run for its money.  

I know we don't want to make a Mac-clone or Windows-Clone, but usability is usability.  

Feedback:  I really like the use of the "button" icon and keyboard shortcut in Gutsy.  However, the window popping up seems a step back in UI usability.  The list drop-down UI in previous versions was much more usable (and less cluttered).

Thank you,

Tom Black

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Rethinking the Meat-Guzzler - New York Times, 01/27/2008

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