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Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen schrieb:
>> ** history very hard to scan visually
>>>> The old deskbar history use to have specific icons instead of a generic
>>>> icons. It was very easy to, say, launch Pidgin by looking for that
>>>> unique purple icon in the history. And twinkle for it's yellow star.
>> Now
>>>> it is a manual scan for the text among mostly orange icons--major
>> strain
>>>> on the eyes.
>>> I am with you  here. I don't know if this is intended or a bug.
>> See for a explanation.
> As I also noted in the bug report, the "bug" then might be that the actions
> does not have the right icons.
I wouldn't say that the icons of the actions should be the icons of the
matches. This might be useful for matches with only one actions. But
with more actions I think it's difficult to distinguish what each action
does when all have the same icon. Actually, you wouldn't need the icons
anymore then, because they don't give any additional information.

Maybe it's possible to just set the icons in the history view to those
of the match instead of the action.

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Sebastian Pölsterl
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