Re: [Deskbar] deskbar 2.20 impressions

> > > The entry-in-panel view was a serious pain to maintain (and write in the
> > > first place). I  am not sure what the plans are to bring it back
> (sebp?).
> > > The pain comes from a mix of gtk bugs and general trickiness of focus
> > > handling.
> > >
> > I'm thinking about bringing one of the old UIs back. However, I made no
> > decision which one will it be, yet.
> Then I suggest the button-ui. The entriac is just a nightmare -  but you
> know I've whined about that focus stuff dozens of times :-)

Even if Entriac is a difficult child from a maintainer's perspective,
it seems to missed very regularly by faithful *users*.

Anyone got a spare weekend they want to lend me?

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