Re: [Deskbar] extensions one-off activation - attach_window / detach_window the way to go?

BCC'ing deskbar-applet-list.

OK, my little Epiphany extension is done - basically it's keywords for
smart bookmarks.  It's like the hard-coded regex's at Vaclav
Smilauer's , and it's also like
the suggested patch at (Bookmark nick
names), also without any Alt-I-for-IMDB magic, but:

(1) it's Python (100 lines) instead of C (500 lines), and

(2) it uses the existing shortcuts that the GNOME Deskbar has - in
Deskbar (with Ephy as the preferred browser), you can set it up so
that "wp foo" takes you straight to  This
extension just makes Epiphany's location bar consistent with the

(3) it doesn't use the (IMHO) clumsy/buggy bookmark syntax
"%{kw:gg}"; but instead uses Deskbar's
existing list of shortcuts in

Download it from

I tried to fold in Deskbar's GUI for modifying these shortcuts
(calling import deskbar;
deskbar.BrowserMatch.on_customize_search_shortcuts(...)), but as a
first cut, the UI didn't ever quite feel right...

What you're doing seems like a reasonable workaround. Also, in the long
run it might be a good idea for Epiphany to search for and execute
initialize() and finalize() methods on extensions: could you please file
a bug for that?

Bug filed:
((Py)Extensions should have initialize() and finalize() methods).

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