Re: [Deskbar] Deskbar applet : ekiga plugin ... I need some help ...

Hi !

> First of all, big thanks to you for deskbar applet.
> I want to develop an ekiga (sip/h323 softphone) plugin for deskbar.
> This plugin is very close to evolution's one (send mail).
> Please find attached to this mail a first example of code.
> It works only when you disallow evolution's plugin.
> To go forward I have two solutions :
> - modify evolution.h and evolution.c (Hit struct)
> - copy deskbar/evolution to deskbar/ekiga (seems more complex -> modify
> makefiles .... ???)
> Which do you mean is the best way ??
> Can you help me ?

I think it doesn't work when combined because there is a duplicate
prevention mechanism that kicks in. there is a get_hash method in the
match object, and when more than one match have the same hash, only the
first one is displayed (according to the preferences of handler order).

If you think ekiga and evolution handler are different matches, then you
have to change your get_hash to be unique (not return simply the email,
but for example sip:email foo bar).

Let us know how it works out.


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