[Deskbar] End user question: No firefox integration

I happened upon the Gnome deskbar, discovering the fine work you folks have been doing. I need just a bit of end-user tech support, and this seems to be the best place to get it. If there's a more appropriate place for this query, please let me know where.

I have Deskbar 2.16.0, as installed from Fedora Core 6 Extras. My installation of FC6 is only a week old, so I haven't had a chance to mess it up much :)

When I enter a phrase in the Deskbar, I usually get three offerings:
* Look ... up in dictionary
* search for file names like...
* search for ... using Beagle.
(possibly an offer to send email.)

What I don't get is any opportunity to search the phrase with a search engine.

I have web searches selected and have tried both "show all available" and "show only primary."

I also have "Web" checked, but when I enter a full url (http://...) I do not get an offer to open the URL.

Does anybody know what's wrong with my configuration? Or where to ask?


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