[Deskbar] Separating UI and backend

I have been puzzling with this idea over the last week or so...

Maybe we should separate GUI and search backend completely. The current
architecture makes this quite easy. Basically make a small script that
starts ModuleLoader/List exports a few handy methods over DBUS and
becomes a daemon. As far as I can see the only stuff the daemon needs to
export over the bus is

	- search (string, categories=All)
	- configure () # popup pref dialog
	(- present_results_in_cuemiac (coords))

The last one is not necesarily a good idea to export, but would be handy
so other potential users won't have to write their own presentation

This might fare best as a part of the Cuemiac project, but would
certainly be feasible in the current setup too.

This architecture would allow us to go more in the direction of
Gnome-launch-box and a run-dialog-replacement, and generally integrate
with other apps. The Python bindings for dbus are quite cool and well

What do you guys say?


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