Re: [Deskbar] 2.14 Module inclusion proposal

On Fri, 2005-10-21 at 16:38 +0200, Raphael Slinckx wrote:
> Hi fellow hackers !
> Today the following mail was sent to devel-announce-list:
> I'll post in the coming minutes a little overview of deskbar-applet, it's real dependencies and soft-dependencies.
> I'll list features i can think of.

Here is my first draft, please review/complete it, I'm not sending this
in that shape !

Maybe if external contributors could also look, see what things can be
emphasized from a user point of view, and what kind of good it would
bring to gnome 2.14.

To put it short: please contribute.

Maybe it's better to have it on in
that case feel free to copy it there or in some subpage, so we can edit
it easily.

BIG FIXME: This is a draft, please modify it !
Deskbar Applet inclusion in Gnome 2.14

Buzzwords-laden Overview
The deskbar is an applet a little like the mini-commander: An entry
you can type queries. While you type, these words are then passed to a
list of pluggable backends which produce results, shown in a list.
Selecting a result with the keyboard or mouse triggers the associated

We offer a broad range of builtin backends, see the section Features
here under.

Deskbar by itself could improve the experience of the alt-f2 dialog
and mini-commander, instead of proposing only programs, you could have
all the power of the backends at your fingertips.

FIXME: Sprinkle some links/screenshots

 * Sits in the panel waiting for input
 * Global configurable hotkey to directly focus the entry and start
 * Pluggable backend architecture, allows to add custom backends in
home/system dir.
   Allows third parties to add a backend, ie. tomboy can add a tomboy
   by installing a python script in a specified folder.
 * Sorting of backend results order is adaptable easily.
 * Ability to choose a fixed width or to expand in the panel to fill all
available room
 * Intuitive history menu, to repeat frequent actions
 * Fully i18n-ed
 * Use themed icons associated with actions, to have a visual feedback

 * Simple API for backends implementors, either blocking or
 * Simple static backends like 'Search xx with yy' where yy can be
   beagle, gnome-dict, gnome-search-tool,..
 * Index .desktop files in english and locale, and allow to launch a
   by typing some descriptive words, for example typing 'text' returns
   gedit, gvim, ... but you can also type 'editeur' in french and get
   the same results.
 * Launch command line applications with any arguments: 'killall
evolution', 'sitecopy -uo mysite'
 * Open directories/files by typing a full path, or relative to home dir
 * Open nautilus bookmarks and computer volumes (with network places) by
 * Send mail by typing an email address, open a webpage by typing an
 * With evolution-data-server, type an name or address and send mails to
   addressbook contacts
 * With libbeagle, show a small selection of beagle result for typed
 * Perform google queries with typed word, and show the results in the
 * Browser integration (epiphany, galeon, and mozilla/firefox): index
   bookmarks title and url, also index the history, and smart
   bookmarks/search engines.

Planned Features
 * UI Rework to have a better suited widget than a flat list out of
 * Gnomevfs monitoring where applicable:
    - dynamic handler installation with drag and drop, reload on
    - watch indexed files to detect changes, like new program
      or new bookmarks
 * Pkg-config file to allow apps to easily install handlers to system
 * Mozilla/Firefox history indexation
 * When ready, python bindings for galago, allowing integration with
gaim contacts
 * Thunderbird addressbook, similar to evolution support
 * When framework is complete, support for recently used files
 * More, hopefully..
Required dependencies:
 * Python 2.3 or above
 * pygtk-2.6 (modules: gtk, gtk.gdk,, gobject)
 * gnome-python-2.10 (modules: gconf, gnome, gnome.ui, gnomevfs)
 * gnome-python-extras-2.10 (module: gnomeapplet)
 * gtk+-2.6 to compile global hotkey and icon entry

Optional dependencies:
 - Compile time:
  * evolution-data-server-1.2, for libebook-1.2
  * beagle-1.1, python bindings for libbeagle, currently shipped, and on
their way upstream
 - Run time:
  * Running beagle daemon
  * Running evolution-data-server

Of these requirements, only gnome-python-extras is problematic from what
i understand,
maybe it's a good time to push gnomeapplet into gnome-python proper ?

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