[Deskbar] 2.14 Module inclusion proposal

Hi fellow hackers !

Today the following mail was sent to devel-announce-list:

> Hey,
> According to the fantastic 2.13 schedule, exciting proposals of cool new
> modules for a true inclusion in GNOME 2.14 can start on fabulous next
> Monday. Well, I guess it's totally possible to send an exciting
> proposal starting right now.
> Proposing a cool new module is really easy. You just need to send an
> enthusiast mail to the great desktop-devel-list (and cc the respectable
> release-team, I suppose) and add your cool new module to the fascinating
> proposed modules list on the beautiful wiki page of the corresponding
> gorgeous moduleset. For example, for the lovely Desktop moduleset, you'll
> have to modify this beautiful wiki page:
>       http://live.gnome.org/TwoPointThirteen_2fDesktop
> A useful document to help you know the not-so-hard requirements for cool
> new module is available at:
>        http://developer.gnome.org/gep/gep-10.html
> For more magnificent informations about 2.13, the full charming schedule
> and the delightful official module lists, please see our new shiny 2.13
> page on the friendly wiki:
>        http://live.gnome.org/TwoPointThirteen
> Vincent

As you know, we were discussing wether we could become part of Gnome, this is the One Occasion,
i suppose or we'll have to wait for 2.16. in a very far away galaxy.

I heard from several sources that python packages are not a problem, dependencies on 
"external" libraries are a problem (namely gnomeapplet) but i think we can push it in 
platform release.

I'll post in the coming minutes a little overview of deskbar-applet, it's real dependencies and soft-dependencies.
I'll list features i can think of.

After that maybe one of you who speaks fluent english (or maybe none does, in that case, the one who speaks best.. that's not me)
can begin a little mail draft, so we can review it and submit it as requested in the mail..

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