Re: GNOME cloud support

On Sun, Jan 27, 2019, at 12:14, Michael Terry wrote:
So the upshot is that I need to prepare a patch to add UI to log into your GNOME account plus possibly switch to using duplicity’s Drive backend rather than GNOME’s gvfs backend.

Alright, I've committed a change that switches from GNOME's API keys to our own. I've added code to hopefully make the migration seamless, but the whole setup could use more testing. If you can help kick the tires, install the snap edge version:

snap install deja-dup --classic --edge

I've bumped master's version to 39.0, to start a new development series leading up to a 40.0.

You currently can't restore from the old GNOME-key backups. This shouldn't matter *too* much, because you'll soon have new backups under the new key. But I'll look into making that seamless too, in case users are caught in the transition.

We'll probably have to continue to support this hybrid key setup until a few years from now (to allow gaps between LTS distro versions) or maybe just until GNOME's keys are invalidated (if that does indeed happen - they are trying to get them approved).

For packagers, this all means:
- Drop libgoa-backend
- Add libjson-glib & libsoup
- Specify -Dpydrive_pkgs option (probably with a value like python-pydrive or similar)

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