Back Up Progress Information

Dear Deja Dup

I have been using Deja Dup successfully for a number of years and I would class myself as a basic Ubuntu Linux user.

I am using automatic (weekly) backups to a USB hard drive that I only turn on and connect to when I am prompted to do so.

I use Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS and it does appear to back up successfully.

I would like more notice about the progress of a backup taking place

When a backup is taking place I can see the Deja Dup application with the 'Back Up Now' option greyed out.

There is no indication of how far through the back up I am.

However I think I remember in the past when a backup was taking place there was a window showing the progress of the backup and that feature appears to have been removed.

Is there an easy way to see how a backup is progressing and if not would you consider adding this option back in again.

I hope this is clear but if you have any question then please contact me.


William Pugsley

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