GNOME cloud support

Ugh. So GNOME is about to lose its Google API access.

There’s a big discussion on the devel list about how Documents is being dropped and GOA is dropping support for it. Partly because no one is maintaining that part of the stack well right now and they don’t want to bother fixing the above issue.

That thread has made it clear how foolish it was to entirely outsource cloud account login to GOA like I tried to do.

So the upshot is that I need to prepare a patch to add UI to log into your GNOME account plus possibly switch to using duplicity’s Drive backend rather than GNOME’s gvfs backend.

This patch should be backported to existing distros too, if GNOME’s API keys are going to be revoked in a few weeks.

This is just a heads up about the issue. I’ll work on something. Here’s a bug I filed to track this:

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