Re: A move to GNOME’s gitlab?

On Wed, Jan 2, 2019, at 18:00, Vej wrote:
This sounds very interesting. Do you have a link to the translation part? Or is this not included in your "sample migration"?

Its not part part of my sample migration. Apparently you just add the “translations” group to your project and then the translators have access. I don’t know what their workflow is like, but I believe it results in direct commits to master to update a language.

- We currently "share" a lot of translations with Ubuntu using Launchpad. Do we risk of having an untranslated upstream project with translations happening downstream?

I wouldn't expect so? I believe GNOME’s translators are pretty active. Though I don’t know how high we’d be in their priority. We could always continue to do translations on Launchpad if we end up not liking it.

But honestly, the translation part of LP is showing its age. It doesn’t support git, so I already have to mirror trunk into a bzr branch for it to get the po files. Then manually pull the po files from a bzr branch every now and then. So while we should keep an eye on translation volume, I’m  hopeful that the workflow will improve.

- When it comes to bugs: It is not only integration with duplicity. Integration with Ubuntu is a nice feature of Launchpad as well. Meaning, that forwarding bugs upstream does take almost no time.

Yeah fair. I’m inclined to leave bugs in LP for now.

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