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This sounds very interesting. Do you have a link to the translation part? Or is this not included in your "sample migration"?

- We currently "share" a lot of translations with Ubuntu using Launchpad. Do we risk of having an untranslated upstream project with translations happening downstream?
- When it comes to bugs: It is not only integration with duplicity. Integration with Ubuntu is a nice feature of Launchpad as well. Meaning, that forwarding bugs upstream does take almost no time.

Am 02.01.19 um 15:46 schrieb Michael Terry:
I’ve been looking at GNOME’s shiny new gitlab instance and it looks nice.

Launchpad is showing its age and inattention, at least for independently hosted projects.

What do people think of moving over? And if we do move, do you think we should move bug tracking over too?

- We would be a “World” project (like an officially recognized third party app) which means we can use their translator framework. (I’ve asked ahead if we’d qualify.)
- They don’t have “Questions” like launchpad has, but I’m so terrible at answering those, I won’t personally feel the loss.
- If we wanted to keep bugs in launchpad for ease of interaction with duplicity’s bugs, I don’t see an easy way to turn off issues in gitlab. So we might just have two bug trackers, but could certainly prefer one.
- I don’t happen to know of a way to migrate bugs from LP to gitlab. Especially not in a way that would be reasonable for bug reporters that don’t yet have an account on gitlab.
- This would let us have some nice modern CI integration. Like tests running on every merge request, or building a flatpak for testing a merge.
- They support “pages” (some sort of static page thing) and a wiki. I don’t currently plan on using ‘em, but they exist.
- I don’t know what they do for tarballs hosting yet. I assume they have it, I just haven’t tested the experience yet.

I have a sample migration here:

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