Re: UI Refresh

Le 14/12/2019 à 08:55, Mathieu Jourdan a écrit :

Something like "overview" and "backups" would better
fit imho, as view switchers are most of the time describing the content
that will appear in the view. Imperative verbs suit better to action
buttons. Though the HIG is a bit vague about this.

- having both a back button and a view switcher in the header bar
feels a bit awkward to me

I hear you here, but that’s a GNOME design pattern these days. You can see it in Software, Boxes, etc.

Software, Boxes, Music, Settings and others do use both back buttons and
view switchers. But as far as I know, none of them use both kind of
navigation controls at the same time. The view switcher is
always hidden when a back button is shown. The behavior of the back
button is more predictable that way.

FYI, an illustration of what I mean here:


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