Re: What happened to our Triage wiki page?

Am 04.12.19 um 19:10 schrieb Michael Terry:

Oh yes! I was doing some wiki updating and cleaning and deleted that page. As I recall, it had “how to get 
debug info” steps that are on launchpad’s bug form anyway, and guidance on how to set bug importance 
levels, that I figured was too rigid maybe?
I always took that as a basic guide which I normally followed unless something specific to a certain bug did 
justify deviations.

So I thought in the moment that the page wasn’t super useful. But maybe that was hasty and the triage tips 
were good to have written down. I bet I can restore the page.

We can of course talk about changing that page and the triaging rules to your liking but having some triaging 
rules at all is very helpful. This could be something like "Use the triaging rules of Ubuntu" or Debian or 
<Add your favorite project here>. But our rules differed from the ones of Ubuntu for good reasons. Ubuntus 
triaging rules are not only weighting the impact of the bug, but also the impact of the package as well which 
reduces the amount of information you get within one package as the importance of the package induces a 
tendency for all the bugs of one package (higher importance up to high in our case as we are a core package).

Ah that page also had a section about tags. Should we still use these tags? Should we add tags e.g. for bugs 
duplicated in Launchpad/Gitlab?

The page in question can be found in the WaybackMachine:



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