Re: What happened to our Triage wiki page?

On Wed, Dec 4, 2019, at 12:51, Vej wrote:
Hello everyone,

until recently we had a wiki page at explaining 
our triage and tagging rules as well as rules for the importance of 

Oh yes! I was doing some wiki updating and cleaning and deleted that page. As I recall, it had “how to get 
debug info” steps that are on launchpad’s bug form anyway, and guidance on how to set bug importance levels, 
that I figured was too rigid maybe?

So I thought in the moment that the page wasn’t super useful. But maybe that was hasty and the triage tips 
were good to have written down. I bet I can restore the page.

That page does not seem to exist anymore. Is this because of the new 
Gitlab instance? Would you like me to stop triaging on Launchpad? If 
not: Should I still use the old importance?

Oh, I love the triage work you do! And while I do respond to issues that find their way to gitlab, Launchpad 
is still where we send bug reporters and is the official bug repository.

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