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Hello Anna!

Am 13.02.2018 um 10:42 schrieb Anna Marei:

Michael Terry <mike mterry name> hat am 12. Februar 2018 um 18:18 geschrieben:

No no you can’t enable key support via dconf-editor. I just mentioned duplicity because maybe you could 
use it directly if you needed key encryption.

Then i have to do it without the GUI and use it as a command line tool, right?

That is right for Duplicity. There are other GUIs building on this (like we do). Although I do not know much 
about their capabilities.
Symmetric encryption is as secure as the password you use.

And compared to asymmetric encryption?

Asymmetric encryption costs a lot more of computation time, if you want t as secure as symmetric encryption. 
Thats why almost everything using "asymmetric encryption" encrypts symmetric using a random key and then 
encrypts only the key asymmetric.

3. Is it bad if I change the interval of backups from daily to weekly in an ongoing backup cycle, as 
described in "Deleting old backups"?

No, that's fine.

Cool, thanks! Does this changing work for what we discussed in 5. (see below) as well?

No. The amount of time spent between the incremental backups is not important. The important thing is if all 
the differences had been backed up successfully.

4. What happens if only one of these backup files doesn't work anymore? I read i need all of them From 
full backup A to incremental backup A4.

If an incremental backup is corrupted somehow, you can restore up to the incremental before the 
corruption. Or the next full backup (which is one reason we occasionally make fresh full backups). But 
all incrementals after the corrupted volume will not be usable.

Deja-dup checks this automatically if i hit restore button, right?

Yeah it will complain loudly if it can’t understand an incremental backup file. It also periodically 
(every two months) checks if it can restore a canary file to confirm that nothing is hideously broken.

But that's hidden for users? Or do i get a visual feedback here?

You will get a visual message telling you about it.

I mean, how else should I know if my backup is working when needed?

You can always try to restore it on a different location (given that location has enough free space to hold 
everything). If that works, you can check if everything is there and delete the restored files.

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