Re: Patch to fix scrolling issues in backup log window

Thank you for this! I’ve been very busy lately without a lot of time for deja dup, but wanted you to know I’d seen this and will review. Thanks!

On Sun, Feb 4, 2018, at 05:54, Erik Entrich wrote:
> Hello!
> I've been using deja-dup for a while and have come across a problem
> with the implementation of auto scrolling in the backup log window.
> I don't know if it's specific to my system (though I doubt it since the
> bug has followed me around for a few years on different systems), but
> the existing implementation did not actually automatically scroll the
> window.
> I've been maintaining this patch privately for a while now and thought
> you might be interested in adding it upstream.
> Here is a short summary of the changes:
> Add update_autoscroll function that is bound to the size_allocate event
> on the progress_text object. The existing implementation unsuccessfully
> tried to scroll the progress_scroll object before progress_text had
> taken it's new size after adding another line of text. This new
> implementation waits for the progress_text to update it's size before
> scrolling.
> Add stop_autoscroll function that gets called when scrolling the
> progress_scroll object. This is needed so the user has a chance to stop
> the autoscrolling when lines are added too quickly for the user to
> scroll in between lines. Otherwise the progress_scroll will get stuck
> at the bottom.
> Added "progress_scroll.expand = true" so that the progress_scroll takes
> up the entire available height of the window.
> Removed automatic log trimming. This is probably a personal preference
> and not 100% necessary, but with the larger log window trimming the log
> at 100 lines makes it not even fill the entire screen anymore when the
> application is fullscreen. I've also found it annoying that I wasn't
> able to actually go back in the log to look at which files had been
> backed up. The comment in the source code cites memory concerns as a
> reason for the trimming, but I've found memory consumption, even on
> large directories, to be negligible.
> I've included a patch based on version 36.3 as attachment.
> Best regards,
> Erik
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