Re: Suggestion to move revision 1581 to a new series

Hurray for the switch to git!

If I ever find myself with free time it'll be easier to contribute now :D.

On 20 May 2017 10:13 AM, "Michael Terry" <mike mterry name> wrote:
Yeah, makes sense. I have some other changes (like switching build system to meson) that also point to a new series being appropriate.

Note that I also switched to git (though still in LP), instead of bzr.

I don't anticipate anyone being annoyed by the Unity change, since any new version of DD will be shipped on a version of Ubuntu that has already switched away from Unity.

But a version change is good for messaging at least.

On Thu, May 18, 2017, at 16:31, Vej wrote:
> Hello Michael (and everyone else reading here).
> I have seen, that you dropped the support for Unity in Revision 1581 [1]
> and merged that into the Branch fo the 34 series.
> This seems to be a huge change (regarding backwards compatibility) so I
> want to suggest to remove it from theĀ  series and make a new series
> instead (35 or 36 if you want to continue leaving the even ones for
> developement).
> Best Regards
> Vej
> [1]
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