Re: duply?

Deja-Dup already has a cli backend in the form of using duplicity's command line (we don't use its python modules because those aren't supported).

Duplicity has robust machine-parsable output (added for our needs really) and other niceties that we rely on.  I'm not sure there would be much benefit to using duply instead?

On Tue, Jul 18, 2017, at 06:05, Daniel Hollocher wrote:
Hi all,
I'm curious if deja-dupe would ever switch to a cli backend.  

My understanding is that it is written in gtk/c and directly manipulates the duplicity tool.  IT handles the setup and saving of tasks.  What about using some cli tool like duply, which interfaces with duplicity, to do the work and have dejadupe just be a front end?

Not a well researched question, but maybe you've already thought of this?
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