Re: Amazon Cloud Drive support

Hello Albert.

Am 09.01.2017 um 14:05 schrieb Albert Casanovas:
I just discovered Deja-dup but I see the ACD support is not yet implemented (I'm using the 34.3 version) 
but Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and Rackspace Cloud Files are there. How hard would be to add it?
Well you need at least the following:
-  A bit of GUI to request the data
- An extension of data/ to store the data (use a new subscheme for this!)
- A new BackendACD.vala (derived from Backend)
- Some code to use the new backend (I currently do not know where this happens)

The "hardness" of this task depends on your programming experience I guess.

I'm not familiar with Deja-dup project at all, but I could try to implement it. Would that be an adequate 
task for a newcomer?

I am merely a newcomer myself, so I do not feel qualified to answer this question to all extends. Regarding 
to my own experiences so far, help is most of the time appreciated by the maintainer who himself lacks the 
time to do much development on his own.

If you dive deeper into this, you should indicate this in 
and subscribe to that bug. If you start development assign it to you please. This ensures, that you get to 
know the ideas of others and prevents double programming efforts in case someone else misses this function as 

A good resource to start with the code of Deja Dup is

Best Regards


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