Re: Déjà Dup description for GNOME Software

Le 2013-09-12 03:25, Michael Terry a écrit :

Thanks so much!

I've committed [1] with a few changes: * Relicensed to CC BY-SA, since
deja-dup translations are in CC BY-SA, and eventually this should be
translated. * Added a field with "Déjà Dup Backup Tool". Once
installed, I like Deja Dup to appear "part of the system" by just
representing as "Backup". But when browsing an app store, it should use its full branding to differentiate from other backup software. * Dropped the screenshots link. The examples of appdata files I have seen all link
to specific images (so that they can be sucked down and shown), not a
page of screenshots. And all the specific screenshot URLs I have for Deja Dup aren't pretty / stable-looking URLs. There are attachments to wiki pages or [7] links... I'm not sure where a good
hosting place for screenshots would be. Any ideas?

Thanks again!



Hi Michael,

You may be interested to know that Déjà Dup is not showing in the GNOME Software Center[0]. Adding "Utility" to the .desktop files categories should fix that issue[1].


[0]: [1]:

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