Re: Deeper integration with GNOME

OK, look at trunk for:
* Adopted your wording in various places
* Moved notebook tabs to a list on the left
* A simplified Overview screen (though I'd like to make it more verbose/pretty like your most recent mockup)
* A simplified Scheduling screen
* Use of GtkHeaderBar with the "automatic backup" GtkSwitch moved to the header
* More spacious, modern layout in a few spots

I may tweak this a bit in the coming week, but this weekend's hacking is done.


On 14 October 2013 16:53, Michael Terry <mike mterry name> wrote:
Warning before you do too much work.  I'm doing a bit of a piecemail approach to implementing the mockups, since I have some special Ubuntu considerations:

1) I want to make sure the new code also works well as a gnome-control-center plugin (which is how deja-dup is visible in Ubuntu).  This means that I would like to keep the overview and preferences in the same widget somehow, rather than have overview pop up a new window for preferences.  And I can't over-rely on the new GtkHeader widget.

Down the road, I imagine it being best to write a new frontend for Ubuntu using their new QML-based SDK rather than trying to make the GNOME frontend also work for Ubuntu.  (I'd still keep the GNOME frontend.)

2) I want to make sure to also support pre-GTK 3.10 (as Ubuntu 14.04 will stay with 3.8).  I still will use 3.10 widgets, as they are important for getting the GNOME look right.  I'll just have to add some #ifdefs and such.

Also, I notice that with GTK 3.10, the GtkListBox is how most of the settings are implemented.  So I assume that the Scheduling tab should use those instead of more traditional label/widget combos.  Your mockup already uses GtkListBox in the folder tabs, I believe.

I also have already done the app menu bit in trunk.  But I haven't touched the overview page yet.  If you have code for that, it could be useful.


On 14 October 2013 15:46, mathieu jourdan gresille org <mathieu jourdan gresille org> wrote:

That's really good to know!

I think I copied this icon from some mockup I can't remember of. Neither
could I find it in the icons repositories, so I uploaded my mockup
sources to the wiki.[0]

I also started coding, I didn't talked about it because I didn't want to
tease with something not functionnal yet. I basicaly have implemented
the following:

- app Menu
- ViewSwitcher
- a half of the overview with a « Back Up... » button to launch the

I guess it's time for me to create an account on lp and publish what
I've done so far. I come back to you ASAP, probably tomorrow.

A screenshot for the road! [1]

Thank you Michael for considering these proposals!


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