Re: Deeper integration with GNOME


That's really good to know!

I think I copied this icon from some mockup I can't remember of. Neither
could I find it in the icons repositories, so I uploaded my mockup
sources to the wiki.[0]

I also started coding, I didn't talked about it because I didn't want to
tease with something not functionnal yet. I basicaly have implemented
the following:

- app Menu
- ViewSwitcher
- a half of the overview with a « Back Up... » button to launch the

I guess it's time for me to create an account on lp and publish what
I've done so far. I come back to you ASAP, probably tomorrow.

A screenshot for the road! [1]

Thank you Michael for considering these proposals!


On 14/10/2013 17:58, Michael Terry wrote:
Hey, Mathieu!  Just wanted to let you know that I'm looking into
incorporating some of your designs into the next cycle of Deja Dup.

Where did you get those icons you used for the Overview page?


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