Re: Starting contribution

On 31 October 2011 12:01, Ruben Verhack <ruben verhack telenet be> wrote:
> I noticed that restoring one jpg (2.4 kB) file on my laptop from an
> encrypted backup on an external HDD (usb 2.0) takes a couple of minutes. Is
> this expected behavior, or a bug?

It's known behavior.  So yes, expected.  But it's also a bug in the
sense that I'd like it to be faster.  But speed has always been low
priority to me, below UI and robustness.

> If this is actually the case, then it does not seem to be feasible to
> implement a preview option.

It could happen, it would just need to be designed around an
expectation of high latency.  So nice throbbers and feedback about
what's going on.


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