Re: Starting contribution

On 31 October 2011 09:59, Ruben Verhack <ruben verhack telenet be> wrote:
> I was thinking about a sort of diff view for text files, and opening the
> backup file if it is binary.
> However, in what extent is not hard to tell right now. I will first start
> with a "view" button that once it is clicked on, it restores the single file
> in the /tmp/ folder and opens it with the default application.

One thing to consider here is that you basically have to restore the
file first before you can do a preview.  So it might be a lengthy
operation if the user has to download it and it is spread across
multiple volume files.

In terms of how to present it to the user, I could see at least two ways:
 1) At the current confirmation screen, an alternate button like
"View" in addition to "Restore" like you say
 2) Move the current confirmation screen to after we actually download
the file (to /tmp) and offer a preview there as well as a final
yup-that's-what-I-wanted button.

This might need some design work.  I'm at UDS now as are a bunch of
Ubuntu designers.  I'll try to ask their opinion.

> I will first get acquainted with the source and try some simple things as I
> have no experience with vala. :)

Great!  If you haven't seen it, there's a page about getting involved
in coding Deja Dup [1], though it sounds like you're already past its
advice.  There is also some upstream documentation for Vala [2].



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