Re: Starting contribution


On 31 October 2011 06:49, Ruben Verhack <ruben verhack telenet be> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a master student computer science and I am fond of this project. Great
> that it became default in Oneiric. I was thinking about playing around with
> the code, trying to implement a nicer method to compare older versions of
> files with the current version in the restore assistant.

Awesome!  You mean like a "diff" view?  I believe there's a wishlist
bug for that somewhere...

> I was trying to check out the bzr branch, I did ./ and then "make"
> gave me this error
> Any ideas what is wrong?

Yes.  That was a compile error that I *though* I had fixed a week or
so ago, but just now realized I had never committed back up to trunk.
:-/  Thanks for the catch!

> Another question on the side: I have no experience with vala, what IDE is
> best suited for this?

I just use Gedit.  Pretty simple, but I'm not a sophisticated a
developer with respect to IDEs.

Any other questions or issues, please let me know!  I also often hang
out on Freenode as mterry (though, this week I'm at UDS).

I know you mentioned a specific idea you wanted to work on, but if
you're looking for more, I've documented some open tasks:


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