Re: Building deja-dup for gnome 3.2, and control-center integration

On 3 October 2011 05:37, Jordi Chulia <jorchube gmail com> wrote:
> Now that you mention it, I remember the discussion where deja-dup
> integration was being discussed, but I never read the end...
> Anyway, have you and the gnome devs, make some more progress in the
> "negotiations" on how/if to integrate deja-dupin the g-c-c upstream? or
> is this state definitive?

The g-c-c maintainer's position continues to be that g-c-c panel
development files should not be installed.

The only way for deja-dup to become integrated into g-c-c would be for
deja-dup to become a core GNOME module, move deja-dup's code, bugs,
and translations to GNOME infrastructure, and move half of deja-dup's
code into g-c-c's trunk.

I haven't been willing to do that, so nothing has happened.


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