Re: Building deja-dup for gnome 3.2, and control-center integration

On 29 September 2011 18:31, Jordi Chulia <jorchube gmail com> wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm an archlinux user, and I want to install deja-dup 20.0 (by compiling
> it first) on gnome 3.2.

Hello!  (sorry for delay in both approving your mail and responding; I
was on vacation)

> However, the integration between gnome-control-center and deja-dup is
> missing, since in gnome-control-center 3.2 there are no more headers to
> create custom modules.
> How is deja-dup supposed to be built in order to have it integrated in
> the control-center?

You can't unless you add back support in your control-center for
installing its plugin headers.  Ubuntu, for example, adds it back.

For such distros, I've left in support in deja-dup for installing as a
control-center panel.  (this is controlled by the --with-ccpanel
configure argument, which defaults to auto detection)

In distros where control-center is configured to not allow third party
plugins (as upstream likes it), deja-dup will merely appear like any
other preference application in the system menus.


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