[Deja-dup-hackers] rackspace

Hi Michael,
I've been looking at Rackspace, and your AmazonS3 code.  I don't
completely understand the code yet, but it looks like Rackspace can be
supported in virtually the exact same way that S3 is.  The only
difference I see so far is in various strings and how buckets are
handled.  Rackspace uses containers which are basically the same as S3
buckets except that the names are not global and there is no limit to
how many you can have.  So the way buckets are handled can be applied
to containers without consequence.

So, I'm curious how to implement.  Rather than copying the code, I
think it would be better to abstract the S3 code were needed.  I.e.,
assign any strings that need to be changed to protected variables, and
have BackendRackspace be a subclass of BackendS3  (the other way to
setup inheritence would be to have rackspace and s3 inherit from the
same class, but that seems more complicated than it is worth)   Let
the bucket naming convention be applied to the containers.

Any thoughts?


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