Re: About to declare 'unmaintained'

I also think that it is a pity that this great piece of software is
going to die. Beagle has a great clean architecture, that makes it easy
to understand, extend and improve. It provides a great indexing and
search framework that addresses all issues that you are faced when you
want to build your own desktop search engine: indexers, filters,
scheduler, monitoring consumed resources, and so on.

I like the idea to ask Novel and Ubuntu if they are interested in
further maintaining Beagle. I am using Beagle on my Ubuntu system.
Unfortunately, it is not installed and running by default. Ubuntu seems
to count on a system called Tracker (wasn't there something in Beagle's
history called tracker?), which never succeeded for me to find ANYTHING.
It looks to me like they started a new system from scratch, while Beagle
was sitting there, ready to be used or built upon. However, it would be
good to get there feedback.

I could also imagine that anybody of the search interface developers you
mentioned would be interested in Beagle to live on. Could you also write
to some of them, personally?

Well, I have to finish my encomium on Beagle by admitting that I am also
not capable (time-wise) of maintaining Beagle. But who ever takes it
over has my admiration.

Enrico M.

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