Re: About to declare 'unmaintained'

Like others I find beagle absolutely great, but I have only minor C# skills so it's hard to help.

In my situation, I use mainly beagle on an Ubuntu server for a company-wide document search (I just use the CLI via a home-grown PHP web interface), replacing an installation using Windows and MS Indexing Service. I was unable to find any other straightforward document indexer to run on the new Ubuntu server, but beagle filled the gap beautifully. It could and should be of interest to anyone else migrating from MS to Linux (which is a popular move nowadays). Could it be worth approaching the Ubuntu server people (Canonical) to see if they have any interest?? It might narrow beagle's focus a bit, but still might be better than unmaintained. Just a thought.

Thanks for all your good work!

Cheers, Roger Lainson

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