Re: beagle indexes and cache

>> does beagle cleans up its indexes and textcaches now and then?
>> I mean it looks like old documents (now removed) still come up when
>> searching...
>> is there a way to clean indexes and textcache, or should I simply remove
>> these directories in the .beagle folder now and then?
> It should, but I have had the indexes get stale, especially if I worked
> for awhile with the beagle service turned off.

That is right. If beagle service is running, it will monitor new files
that are created and existing files that are removed almost
immediately. If it is turned off, and then turned on again, then the
changes while it was turned off are handled later:
- new files are reported only during the next re-crawl
- deleted files are not reported but they are removed from the beagle
database much later and only when such a file comes up a search result

In short, deleted files should not come up as a search result (I dont
remember, but there was a bug in 0.3.7 or 0.3.8 which can cause
something like that).

Removing textcache and indexes manually should not be necessary,
assuming there is no bug (and even less reason if beagle is running
continuously). Note that the indexes are separated into backends and
can be easier to remove but the textcache is not, so removing the
textcache directory will wipe out all of textcache.

- dBera

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