Re: Make Beagle accesible from everywhere

> Firstly it was imposible to access to this web interface from another
> computer, so I thought it was disabled. Fortunately I found the way to avoid
> it. Just changing this string in Server.cs file
> line 833 string host="localhost"; ---> string host="*"

It was that way to be extra-cautious for unsuspecting users ... if you
enabled the network-service backend then that is meant to allow
searching from remote computers. But as long as you know what you are
doing, this patch is ok and should work.

> Now I can access, but nothing works, I mean, when I try to look for
> something it doesn't work from a remote computer, but it does from the
> computer with Beagle installed. Then I suppose I should change something
> more in the source code.

So what exactly happens when you try to access from a remote beagle?
Even the main page does not get served or the search does not work. It
really should work ... not sure why it isn't. It performs simple AJAX
queries to the remote beagle service - there is nothing more to it.
You might want to send SIGUSR2 to the beagled process (to enable debug
logging) and then track the log file ~/.beagle/Log/current-Beagle to
see if the remote browser query is received/processed without errors.

- dBera

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