Make Beagle accesible from everywhere

Hi all,

First of all, thanks for your great work with this application and all your efforts.

I'm trying to make accesible Beagle for everybody in a private network. For my purpose I'm using the Web Interface as I have some computers working with Windows. So my idea is to index a network folder with Beagle installed in an Ubuntu machine and search documents there through this machine using Beagle Web Interface. 

Firstly it was imposible to access to this web interface from another computer, so I thought it was disabled. Fortunately I found the way to avoid it. Just changing this string in Server.cs file

line 833 string host="localhost"; ---> string host="*"

Now I can access, but nothing works, I mean, when I try to look for something it doesn't work from a remote computer, but it does from the computer with Beagle installed. Then I suppose I should change something more in the source code.

Please I would need some clue or track. It may be very useful for somebody else.

Thanks in advance

Miguel Calle

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