gitignore foo

Hello folks,
I've committed a couple of changes to the autofoo files to allow
automagic generation of .gitignore files. There was some information
about this on the gnome-infrastructure mailing list a while ago.
Basically, there's a file at the top-level that does everything
for you. All you need to do after the first configure is a:

make gitignore

And voila, it scans all the Makefile.ams and generates .gitignore
files for each directory, and those pesky autogenerate files in git
status go away. All we need to do to keep this running is:

a) When there's a new subdirectory, just do a make -f at the
top directory and it'll add a line at the bottom to source itself in
the new

b) Make sure (MOSTLY|DIST|MAINTAINER)CLEANFILES is up-to-date (which
it generally is anyway)

I'll make the same changes to libbeagle, beagle-xesam, etc. too.

Arun Raghavan

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